The TeamEdit

In the Team page there are the general informations on your Team, the drivers list and Team statistics.

The ProjectManager users can also insert a team logo, a background and personalize other parts of it, in this page they can se also the last Trophy won amd the last press release.

General InformationsEdit

The general informations shown in the team page are : Team name and manager name, nation and championship, the circuit name and the number of team supporters of the fanclub.

Furthermore there are links to check transfers history for car parts and drivers, drivers and car parts actualy on sale of the team, the team story and, only for the PM, the old glory of the team.


Under the general information is the list of pilots belonging to the stable; Alongside a flag indicating nationality and are followed by age. If a pilot is currently for sale after the age there are two dollar signs$$ green.


The statistics displayed on the page of the stable are the number of GP in which he participated, the number of points collected, the number of global manufacturers and won the contest so the number of victories, second places, third places, and pole position record race.

The add-ons for PMEdit

ProjectManager users have the option to insert the team logo and a background on the team page. They can also customize the colors of the text for a complete customization of the page.

In addition to that on team page of PM Users there are displayed the trophies won by the team. Here there is an example of two trophies, respectively, reported the constructors' title in F2 and the drivers' title in F4: File:Trofeocostr.png File:Trofeopiloti.png.

Project Manager users can publish press releases. You can see the last press release in team page while the others can be read by following the link reported earlier. The press release is also part of F1project Journal where you can read all the article of your round (in round's F1project Journal) or your championship in overall F1project Journal (the link is on tools menu).

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