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Talent ScoutEdit

The talent scout is a long-term investment to find young talent, and hope to find a future champion.

Tip: among all the possible investments in F1Project talent scout is certainly less profitable mainly because many pilots are in the market and the demand is low because the career of a long piluta many seasons. If you're early and you do not have much money to invest probably the talent scout is not the choice for you because for some benefit must reach the highest levels and even then the gain is guaranteed.

The growth of the talent scoutEdit

Investment in talent scout is quite simple because unlike the laboratory does not need engineers, but is very similar structures for laboratories. On page pilots under research talent you can select the weekly investment to grow the level of talent scouts among canonical possibilities: 1k, 5k, 15k, 25k and 50k. Thursday's update level will grow much faster than the investment will be substantial given the set growth restriction.

Engage a promising youngEdit

Even a promising young recruit is very simple on the page of drivers under the list of drivers present in the stable, there is a buttonEngage young. Pressing this button for the modest sum of 1k hire a new driver ready to be viewed. The cost of engagement is fixed to 1k whatever the level of talent scouts in contrast to the increasing production costs of the laboratory. The parameters that influence the goodness of the new driver hired are: the level of talent scouts and the number of observer present in the staff. The higher these parameters and we have more chances of getting young drivers starting with discrete skill.

Evaluate the talent of a pilot Edit

Who invests in the talent scout has the opportunity paying 10k to evaluate the talent of a pilot. E 'can only assess a pilot week using the button on the page of each pilot or by entering its ID in the page in the drivers section for talent. The evaluation gives us an indication about the color of talented skill of the pilot within a certain range which narrows the higher the level of talent scouts. With unsurpassed talent scout assessment will always be so careful to tell the exact color of skills at lower levels while the statement could simply indicate an approximate range within which certainly is talent. The evaluation of talent always returns a true result. If, for example, warns us that talent is more normal (green) means that the pilot's skill talent ranging from catastrophic to the grand maximum. A claim is not accurate but it is absolutely certain. Moreover, even if the evaluation of talent tells us is absolutely certain that a future sample (purple) inside there are 4 skill then not all the talents with the same color have the same talent.

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