On the staff page you'll find all the information about your staff: the number of members of each group and the teamwork of the staff. On that page it's also possible to hire new members or dismiss someone if they are redundant. Each staff member has a salary of 1 K / week. More staff members for each group you have and greater is the benefit but more staff member of a certain group you have and less is the benefit to hire a new one.

Staff members Edit

The staff consists of 5 distinct groups of staff:

Mechanics: are important in the pitstop in the race and slightly reduces the wear of the components of the car.

Technicians: Speakers on the quality of parts produced by the laboratory.

Copywriters: do they relate with the sponsors and supporters facilitating the arrival of the latter and the proposal to sponsor more munificent.

Observers These are important when you engage young drivers with talent scout.

Fitness coaches: influence the weight change of drivers during training week.

Maintanance men: reduce the worn of the track following a race, and manage merchandising sales.

Tip: technicians and observers are not required if not invest respectively in laboratories or talent scout. Instead of maintanance man you must have at least one if you want to sell some object of merchandising.


Teamwork is essential to work at the best staff. Each week, on thursday update, teamwork grows up by a step (in a week it grows a little bit less the a skill level but remember that there are the decimal) just to the maximum that is insuperable. Any recruitment or dismissal but decrease the teamwork of a certain quantity. Hire / dismiss two or more members at the same time is absolutely equivalent to hire / dismiss a member twice or more in a week. A further cause of teamwork decline is the presence in the team at the time (on night update) of more than 6 drivers: for each driver exceeding the sixth in the team the teamwork fall down to 5 levels.

Teamwork affects many aspects of the game including:

  • offers of sponsors
  • the quality of parts manufactured in the laboratory
  • sales of merchandising
  • the duration of the pitstop in the race
  • etc ...

Tip: teamwork is essential so at the beginning of the game it's good to select an initial staff and then no further hire or dismissal for a long time to let's the teamwork grow until it's sufficiently increased .

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