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Sponsors (or financial partners as indicated in the menu of the team) are a very important source of cash for the team. Each team has a chance to have 4 active sponsorship contracts on the 4 areas of the car more visible: the front wing, rear wing and right and left sides of the car.

Every Thursday, on weekly economic update, the sponsors that is expired are replaced by new proposals and those still ongoing advance of one week. You have one week (until next Thursday) to accept the proposal of the sponsor who you believe most convenient.sponsor a student whose recognition is less visible, such as students with studying issues, two primary methods have been used for identifying them: the difference design and the reaction to involvement design.

The difference design relies on the instructor realizing that the kids' success is clearly below what is expected. The reaction to involvement design supporter’s earlier contribution.

Proposals of sponsorship The proposals of the sponsors have different important parameters for choosing the best sponsor: the duration, the weekly income and the penalty for the car.

The length, expressed in weeks, indicating how many weeks is long the sponsorship contract. For the duration of the contract is linked to the sponsor and there is no way to rescind the contract. Sometimes can be good to accept a cheaper but shorter sponsor if you think that in the weeks following the terms of the team is better and you can receive back a better sponsorship. Conversely sometimes it's better a sponsor that can guarantee a good long contract revenue for many weeks.

The weekly income is the most important because it represents how much money each week provides us with such sponsorship. You can chose to accept the entry fixed weekly or whether to withdraw a less amount immediately, if you decide to withdraw immediately you will receive only 90% of the total money. The formula for calculate is the following: Accept = weekly income * weeks length * 90%.

The decision to accept immediately, although it may seem convenient, involves the loss of 10% of the incomes so it's not very convenient unless you'll find ourselves in certain conditions like the need to make a big investment now or liabilities to consolidate budget to not pay interest on debt. It should also be especially careful if you choose to accept immediately the 90% if a contract is particularly long because then there are many weeks when you will not have a fixed income of the sponsor.

The penalty for the machine is the penalty that the sponsors imposes in case one or both of your cars will not race. For example if I have a sponsor with a weekly income of 100k and a penalty for each car of 25%, you will have a penalty of 25k if you race with only one car and a penalty of 50k if you not race at all.

Tip: race with both cars. = D

How to improve the offers of the sponsor Edit

The duration and the penalty for the car you can not predict or control, but the weekly income, which is ultimately the most interesting thing depends on many parameters and the improvement of these can greatly improve the offers of the sponsors.

The collections offered depend on the number of supporters of the team and the formula of membership (beetween two close formula there is a difference of 10%) and also by the number of copywriters in the staff and above all the teamwork.

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