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The MerchandisingEdit

The merchandising is one of the most important sources of revenue in the economy of F1project. While requiring an investment weekly and an investment in expanding the total seats of the circuit - also useful for the public in attendance home GP - it is an investment to secure and steady income without risk and that quickly allows you to depreciate initial costs.

The investmentEdit

To increase the level of merchandise and to sell products of different class, you need an investment weekly as with talent scouts and structures. The difference is that in merchandising, as well as investment, another limit to growth is given by the size of the total circuit intended as places for the public. Below is a table summarizing the need to produce a certain class of object.

Product class Merchandising level Weekly investment Circuit total seats
class 1 disastrous - -
class 2 inadequate at least 1.000 € -
class 3 mediocre at least 1.000 € -
class 4 acceptable at least 5.000 € at least 10.000
class 5 very good at least 5.000 € at least 10.000
class 6 peachy at least 15.000 € at least 20.000
class 7 magnificient at least 15.000 € at least 20.000
class 8 portentous at least 25.000 € at least 40.000
class 9 immense at least 25.000 € at least 40.000
class 10 perfect at least 50.000 € at least 60.000
class 11 insuperable at least 50.000 € at least 60.000

The tighter bond between investment and capacity of the circuit is certainly the capacity of the circuit so it is convenient to wear the merchandise at the highest level reached by the circuit places available, the more investment it is surely repaid by the sale of more items while the circuit expansion is an investment in the longer term and must be programmed properly.

Tip: because the rising level of merchandising is also limited by the size of the circuit when it reaches the threshold level for the seats available circuit it is convenient to lower the minimum investment to ensure that I will maintain the level . For example if you have 10,000 seats once you are in is just useless to invest more than 5 k per week.

Tip 2: to optimize the investment weekly may be useful sometimes to set the weekly investment even higher than necessary to raise the level so you go faster to produce first-class products . For example, if I am in great circuit and I just expanded to 20,000 seats can be up to great investing 15 k / week. But if investing 25 k / week growth would be higher and take a few weeks to get to in less grandiose. Once I got to reduce the huge investment to 15 k / week because the growth is limited by the circuit places. Most investment spending will be dampened by the possibility of being able to start selling a few weeks in advance of superior products.

The sale of objectsEdit

Depending on the level of merchandising can produce up to a maximum of 11 different products, each product can be sold twice, three times or four times the cost of production. Obviously selling twice if they sell more than four times, there are indeed differences between the three possibilities sostantiali as net gain.

The number of items sold each day on a number of factors: the number of maintenance and teamwork, the level of merchandising, the number of membership and the size of the fan club of the team.

Every day in office, updating the night, messages will appear indicating the number of products sold for each class. Sales are a bit random and if you want to do a statistic is to compare the pieces sold well during a whole week or at least a period of time large enough.

Note: if not in the counts with no maintenance staff did not sell anything in merchandising.

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