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Laboratories Edit

The workshops are a long term investment because it is a long time to bring them to levels that allow us good results. However, after reaching these levels and have spent lots of money to get there, promise us an advantage in the construction of items is for own use or to sell in the market.

Tip: laboratories give good results almost exclusively to higher levels. Better than a laboratory that two averages.

The growth of a laboratoryEdit

A laboratory needs to grow an investment weekly and an engineer, if there is one of two things, the laboratory tends to catastrophic. The investment money as possible and weekly from among the canonical possibilities namely: 1k, 5k, 15k, 25k, 50k they are associated with the usual limits of growth. As regards the ' engineer but his talent is crucial and very important skill innovation.

Each update weekly on Thursdays at the lab will grow (or decline if they were to be enough) depending on these parameters. In addition to assessing the click of the skill of the laboratory not likely to increase every week, it allows you to analyzing the growth of the laboratory to evaluate the change of the construction cost of the piece. Be careful though, if invested in the structure computer-aided design, which reduces the cost of construction of the pieces, you have to go to also consider this parameter.

The construction of the piecesEdit

Each week we can build up to 5 pieces per type up to 10 pieces total. To produce a new component is just go on the page and select the time of the laboratory project in the dropdown menu, which by default is set to now and then click on the button and instant confirmation. If you chose a construction instantaneous once the piece is otherwise viewable part of the countdown, after which you can preview the item produced simply by clicking on the buttonbuildpiece.

The quality of parts produced from the laboratory depends on: the level of the laboratory, the quality of ' engineer in his skill and mechanical skill, the number of technician and the duration of the project.

The 'cost of production' pieces instead only determined by the type of piece, the level of the laboratory and the duration of the project.

The presence of facilities of the laboratory initiated change is the cost of producing the quality of the piece built.

The Construction parts to the project allows us, against a higher construction cost, to get the pieces more in line with the level of the laboratory and thus reducing the quality of the engineer randomness. The project is a choice between instantly and a number of days up to a maximum of 6 days with a gradual increase in the cost of construction up to about +50% compared to the building in case of instantaneous porgetto to 6 days. Please note that the cost and quality of parts produced are expressed in the time the piece is actually built and not when the start of the project.

Tip: the construction project may be useful in laboratories in the medium to try and spend a bit more, to get a good piece, while the maximum levels that advantage probably is not high enough to justify the significant increase the cost of production.

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