Facilities Edit

There are two distinct types of facilities: the facilities for supporters and laboratories' facilities. They are very different and they work in different way.

Facilities for supportersEdit

Facilities for supporters are buildings that are usefull to extend fanclub limit imposed by formula. These facilities are instantaneous and once clicked on "upgrade these facilities," the level-up is immediate and also the benefits. You can also raise in the same day more than one level, if you have enought money. You have to pay only upgrade cost and they have no maintenace cost.

Each additional level raises the limit of fanclub of 65 supporter and there are 20 levels (equal to the 20 levels of skill).

The upgrade cost is progressive; more the level is high and more the upgrade cost is high. It starts from 100k to level up for red level to 500k for purple levels with an increase of 100k for each "color".

On facilities page you can see the level of your current facilities, the facilities build and the upgrade cost. Below there all the information you need about the limitation of fanclun: the fanclub's limit due to your Formula, how much you upgrade the limit with your actual facilities and the total number of fanclub's limit with your formula and facilities.

Here we are a recall table to all the limitation:

Formula: Limit without facility: Max limit:
Formula 1 2700 supporters 4000 supporters
Formula 2 2400 supporters 3700 supporters
Formula 3 2100 supporters 3400 supporters
Formula 4 1800 supporters 3100 supporters
Formula 5 1500 supporters 2800 supporters
Formula 6 1200 supporters 2500 supporters

Tip: The only benefit of the facilities is to increase the maximum number of supporters in fanclub. They are not useful to join more supporters in fans update on Monday. They are useful only when it came near the edge of the fanclub and is useless develop until there is no need why not give other benefits.

Structures LabEdit

The structures of the laboratory, unlike the facilities for supporters, would require an initial investment to grow and must be scheduled in time because their growth is not instantaneous.

Spending only for the first time 10k you can open a facility of the laboratory but its level is still catastrophic, then there is no benefit. If you wanna grow the level you have to set a weekly investment (like labs), choosing from the canonical possibilities: 1k, 5k, 15k, 25k and 50k. Thursday's update the level will grow much faster than the investment set to be consistent. Unlike the laboratory where there is the cost of production like feedback of growth, for facilities you can see only the current level without decimals. The growth of structures is nearly identical to the growth of talent scout for the drivers with which the similarities are many. Even for the structures there are growth restriction on investment.

The facilities are 10: 3 are general for all the labs and 7 are specific for each laboratory.

The 3 goneral ones are the following:

  • Computer aided design
  • Advanced simulators
  • Databases

The structure of computer aided design allows of reducing gradually the construction cost of all the components while the databases reduce the loss of skill of the engineer after the one-piece construction, thus increasing his life and allowing him to recoup the cost of recruitment more easier. The advanced simulators instead increase the quality of all components produced by their laboratory; at insuperable there is a gain of one level of skill on each piece built. This means that if such structures had not built a passable piece / exceptional, with the structure built in the piece would come up good / great.

The 7 specific structures for each laboratory inceve reduce the random piece construction associated thus leading to an average build pieces closer to the level of its lab. It's reasonable to assume that the bonus of one of these structures at maximum is greater than that of advanced simulators although the two structures affect differently on the construction of the piece. The 7 facilities are:

  • Test engines for engines' laboratory
  • Advanced materials laboratory: titanium for brake's laboratory
  • Advanced materials laboratory: carboceramics for transmission's laboratory
  • Test suspensions for suspensions's laboratory
  • Wind tunnel for the laboratory of aerodynamics.
  • Advanced materials laboratory: nanotechnologies for electronic's laboratory
  • Track test for laboratory on tires

Tip: The laboratory facilities are very expensive because they require an investment and then a maintenance cost (must maintain a certain investment if you want to keep at least some level of structure). Although requiring a long time to grow these structures should be opened before the laboratories are not arrived at a level high enough to produce discrete parts. Take that first grow and then expanded laboratory facilities or the risk of being advanced with structures that require money to be maintained in a laboratory and not yet mature enough to produce.