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The page of the engineers find a list of engineers who have and settings to choose from for the purchase of a new engineer. Clicking on the name of the engineer's login to your personal page where we find all its features, as well as ID, age and nationality but they are not parameters that affect the work, we find the salary, specialization, number of pieces so far constructed and expressed his abilities from 3 skill: the skill and engineering and innovation. The PM can also view and modify at will the face of their genius as it is for the drivers.

The SpecializationEdit

The specialization of the engineer indicates the type of items which can work with. An engineer specializing in engines may evolve in the laboratory can be built only engines and motors. Can not be diverted nor in growth nor in the production of any other piece.


Indicates the weekly salary of the engineer. Unlike pilots salary of engineers is recalculated every Thursday and being linked to all three skill decreases as it does decrease the wear and mechanical innovation.

In calculating the salary affect all three skills but an engineer will have approximately this level of salary according to his abilities:

poor: about 3 K / week

good: about 5 k per week

great: about 13.5 k / week

immense: about 50 k / week

insuperable: approx 100 k / week.

Violates both the levels becomes significant investment that the cost of maintenance intended as salary of the engineer.


The main skill is the skill of a engeneer. It affects it in a very significant growth in both the laboratory and on that of the pieces. The skill of an engineer never falls and remains constant. Is also the only skill that is mandatory if you choose when you purchase an engineer.

The MechanicsEdit

Mechanics is the skill that influences, along with the skill and the number of technicians, in determining the quality of a piece product. Counts only the time of construction and does not affect the growth of the laboratory. The impression is that the skill dell'ingnere is still the dominant skill and a higher mechanical lead, rather than a higher quality of parts produced, increased life of the engineer that it reaches the lower levels must be replaced. For each piece in fact the mechanical engineer will suffer an inexorable decline which can be reduced by developing the structure Databases.


The innovation works in a dual relation to the mechanics or whether it affects only the mechanical construction of the pieces, innovation affects only the growth of the laboratory. Here again the skill and the amount of money invested are determinants of innovation in the growth of the laboratory. Yet too little innovation could slow a rapid growth of the laboratory. As with the mechanical production of a new piece decreases the innovation skills of its engineers also more marked than the mechanics but the structure Databases well-developed that can slow down to 50% .

Hired a new engineerEdit

For each laboratory can have only one engineer at a time. Before buying a new engineer is therefore necessary to lay the old engineer. Laying off an engineer does not lose the progress on the Thursday before the acquired long as you replace it with another. Without a lab engineer tends to catastrophic inerosabilmente whatever the investment.

There are two possibilities when you buy a new engineer: buy one from scratch or convert their own pilot engineer.

If you want convert its pilot engineer pagethe voice of engineers do you become a pilot engineeryou can select your own rider, choose the skill you want to achieve and ask for an estimate of cost of engineering. You can only select the skill you want to obtain because the mechanism will be equal to the skill of the pilot mechanical skills while innovation will be randomly within a certain range or it can be selected and paid a larger amount. The cost of converting the pilot engineer will be so much higher than the talent we have selected but still less than an engineer from scratch with the same skill. The cost of conversion is also much lower than the pilot experienced high. In addition to the cost of conversion must pay a penalty due to premature interruption of the contract proportional to the contract. You can not convert to engineer a driver that you have renewed the contract in the current season. Drop-down menu are in fact all the drivers present in the stable except those with the contract just renewed. We can ask how many quotes we want without charge or penalty, as the purchase is done only after you've clicked on theconfirm purchasebutton. Then convert a pilot igegnere may be convenient or because they know in advance whether mechanical or because you have an experienced driver and out of contract saves a lot on the purchase price.

In summary, to convert its own pilot engineer must:

  • go to the page of engineers
  • Select from the drop down menu the pilot who wants to convert and select the skill you want to obtain
  • click on ask quote

Up to now the process is reversible

  • choose specialization
  • click on the purchase confirmation.

Now the list of engineers should appear also orman ex-pilot.

The other opportunity that is offered to us by F1project is to 'buyan engineer from scratch'. Also in the pages of Engineers underbuyis an engineer from the market can choose the skill of the engineer who wants to obtain. Choosing only the skill, the cost of borrowing would be reduced and mechanical skill and innovation will come out at random within a certain range. If you choose too mechanical or innovation, or all 3 skill the cost will be much higher but you will have the certainty of skill. Clicking on abudgetwill ask the purchase cost of the engineer in accordance with the skill selected. You may request all the quotes you want and then just selecting the specialty of the engineer and clicking onconfirm purchaseproceed to the actual purchase of the engineer.

In summary, we have to buy a new engineer:

  • go to the page of engineers
  • Select the desired skill
  • select possibly the mechanical skill and innovation [optional]

Up to now the process is reversible

  • choose specialization
  • click on the purchase confirmation.

At this point will be the actual purchase, the money will be shifted and we can take advantage of the engineer.

The range of skills not select is calculated according to the skill of the engineer selected. By numbering the skills from 1 to 20 where 1 is associated with catastrophic and 20 at unbeatable range is defined by a minimum skill and a skill up as follows:

range min: Int : 1 + skill / 2
range masx: Int : 10 * ( 1 + skill / 20 )

Example: If I choose an engineer with a wonderful range of mechanical skill and innovation will be:

min = 1 + 11 / 2 = Int (6.5) = 6 -> acceptable

max = 10 * (1 + skill / 20) = Int (15.5) = 15 -> colossal

Then mechanics and innovation will be between acceptable and colossal.

Tip: as the first engineer to develop a laboratory is recommended to purchase an engineer with skill at least random green leaves other skills but obviously the better the engineer, the greater the growth of the laboratory.