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Have a sound economy is crucial in F1project; can invest more money in the market and meet the huge expenses like the purchase of a new engineer.

The budget of the team shows these entries:

Current availability: --- €

Estimated availability: --- €

Current week credits:

Pubblic: ---

Sponsor: ---

Televisions: ---

Sales: ---

Purchase bonus: ---

Merchandising incomes: ---

Occasionals: ---

Total of credits: --- €

Current week debits:

Upkeep: ---

Staff: ---

Ripairs: ---

Salaries: ---

Investment in drivers: ---

Investment in components: ---

Purchases: ---

Sales retentions: ---

Passive interests: ---

Merchandising expenses: ---

Facilities: ---

Components constructions: ---

Occasionals: ---

Total of debits: --- €

Profit/Loss: --- €

The main entrances of the game are:

  • Sponsors
  • Cash receipts and television awards race following a GP championship
  • The sale of merchandise
  • The interests of the bank
  • The sale of parts and drivers on the market
  • The sale of tickets at the home Grand Prix.

The outputs are instead:

  • The repair of parts of the circuit and
  • Salaries of pilots, engineers and maintenance staff of the team
  • Investment laboratories, facilities and talent scout
  • The cost of building new tracks and new talent engagement
  • Any other penalties or deductions

Tip: initial advice was to evaluate the weekly budget of costs and fixed incomes. This balance must always be active otherwise the debt is inevitable to lead to failure. The balance: sponsors + tv + merchandising revenue - repairs - salaries - investment represents the amount that you can spend each week for new investment and / or improvements to the cars.

The financial partners Edit

The financial partners, or sponsors, are 4 for each team. Weekly Thursday update the expired contracts will be replaced with 3 new sponsorship deals. The deals have a value in a week and built a life. The manager can choose one of three that best suits their esigienze even having a choice between having a weekly or flush immediately withdraw all the money supply. Choosing to withdraw all at once you receive only 90% of collection total: everything at once = weekly collection * duration * 90%.

While the duration of the sponsorship proposals is sufficiently random, the value of the offer of sponsorship depends on the number of membership (between each series there is a difference of 10% of the value of the sponsor), the number of fans, the number of advertisers and teamwork of the staff. Improving these parameters will improve as offers of sponsorship.

Revenue due to financial partners are under the headingSponsor.

Tip: bankruptcy unless urgent, you should always choose the entry fixed weekly rather than 90% now. You can better control the revenue and more money coming.

Collections television and tender end bonuses Edit

After each Grand Prix in which you participate are assigned TV revenue and awards race. While television revenues are independent from the results achieved in the race and only depend on the number of fans in the fanclub and the set of membership, the awards race obviously depend on the placement of the two riders in the race and the series of which belong. A end of the season are also bestowed upon the bonus money based on the place in the drivers 'championship and constructors' championship.

The summary budget receipts television team have a specific entryTelevisionmentrei race awards fall under more general revenue'Occasional.

For more informations please visit the Championship.


The continued sale of merchandising is an important source of revenue for the economy. Develop until the top merchandising is the prerogative of every team that aims at maximum range.

On page economic costs of merchandising understood as the purchase of products and the costs of investment are contained in the weekly headingExpensesmerchandising expenditure while revenue from the sale of the products are headingIncome merchandising revenueof the team. The difference between these two items represents the net gain.

For more information please visit the Merchandising.

The bankEdit

The bank is one of the simplest forms of investment but also one of the most effective. Update every week on Thursday the bank makes provision crediting of interest on the 2.5% figure currently deposited in the bank. The interest shall be added to the amount deposited as going to revalue the capital. The interest that is credited to a weekly maximum of € 100,000 and then to the figures above 4,000,000 bank credits always just € 100,000 in interest. And 'possible to withdraw money in the bank at any time but the bank at the time of taking a deduction of € 25,000 applies that deduction is scaled directly from the figure that you decide to withdraw. Payment of money in the bank instead are free.

The bank has an economy on the page section below to distinguish the movement of cash. Withdrawals and deposits are given in the'Occasional respectively revenue and expenditure.

Example: If the bank I deposited € 1,000,000, € 1,025,000 will be update on Thursday a fortnight later € 1,050,625 and so on.

If I decide to pick up € 500,000, € 550,625 in the bank will remain and will be added to the availability of cash € 475,000 € 25,000 because of deductions.

Tip: the weekly interest rate is very high, it is therefore useful to deposit money in the bank to enjoy the interest. Since withdrawals to pay is less desirable to make possible and then only when really necessary.

The cost of repair Edit

Repair their worn parts during a race or test sessions at a cost that is greater the more the pieces are in possession of good quality. Page of each piece is given the expense of repairing the piece when the piece is worn to 75%. The cost of repairs is very useful for estimating costs as during a race a little "new" wears a bit less than 75% (usually at the end of the race tracks are all around '80%). By purchasing more mechanical the staff can slightly reduce the wear of parts in the race but the effect is almost imperceptible, you can go from 77% to 78% but not passed from 70% to 85% with 2 mechanical with 30 mechanics.

Also at the home Grand Prix circuit also suffers wear and must make the repair. In this case, to reduce maintenance costs is useful to have the staff maintainers.

These economic costs on the page are two distinct voices: theMaintenancefor thecircuitfor repair parts.

Tip: to reduce the cost of repair items is useful to try to buy pieces commensurate with needs. If you buy pieces that are good, probably pay more than the market will have a higher repair costs.


The pilot and engineers have weekly salaries that if you have very strong pilots or engineers with high skill are an important output for the economy. Although each member of the staff receives a salary of € 1,000 / week. It may not seem like much but when the staff is made has a large spending constant and important too.

In the budget the salaries of pilots and engineers go together in headingsalariesand theStaffhas a voice part.

More information can be found for the salary of pilots, the salary of engineers and staff can be found in its pages.


The development of workshops of scouts and structures requires significant investment. Economy in the expenditure page contains pieces respectively in headingInvestmentandinvestmentdriversandstructures.

The investment weekly merchandising instead is contained in the headingExpensesmerchandise.

Transfers marketEdit

The transfer market is a source of income and expenditure for the team. The itempurchasesshould the revenue from the sale of parts and pilots like thevoiceof sales revenue section. Thesalesinstead deductions are withheld due to the taxation of capital gains or premature interruption of the contract.

Other budget items Edit

There are balance sheet items not covered in previous categories. TheInterest, for example, are the penalty you pay if economic update on Thursday it has a negative cash on hand (ie if you are in red) The construction costspiecesare instead all expenses incurred during the week for the construction of parts in laboratories. Occasional also beinall revenues and expenditures not covered in other categories.

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