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The weekly contest is a competition involving all F1project players. On Wednesday morning, simultaneously with weather update, the new weekly is created and it's valid from Wednesday until Tuesday. To participate, you have to go to the page of the Contest, follow the link try to record a time in the circuit of the contest, assemble your cars using components available in the storehouse, set the settup of the car and then make a lap by clicking on the confirmation button. If you have made a good lap and you respect contest's limits you will enter in classification.

There is no limit to the number of laps that can be done in the contest, the laps are free but be careful that the componets of the car that you use will worn. The only cost that you have is repair costs for the worn components.

But what is the contest?

The contest gives you the possibility of a confrontation with other users at any time during the week and get some extra income in case of good ranking. It also provides an excellent opportunity to test the drivers, the components and the adjustement of te car in a different circuit every week. Since the contest is free and there being no limitation to the number of laps that can be carried out, the contest and your circuit are the ideal place to conduct all necessary tests to understand the dynamics of the game. Changing every week also allows you to do these tests again on different circuits and to gain experience in different circuits.

The limits of the contestEdit

Sometimes, to make the most unpredictable contest, the contest have some limits. There can be a driver age limit and / or power engine limit. In some contexts may enter in charts only the drivers that have at least a certain age or just young driver up to a certain age or there may be limitations on the HP of the engine that must be at least or at most tot. These restrictions are indicated on top of contest page under the title Week's rules.

Even if you not respect these limits it's always possible to run (for free) in the contest but your lap time will not be recorded and you driver will not enter in classification.

The classification of the contestEdit

The classification of the contest is divided into countries (every country has its own contest) and second series of belonging. The first three series F1, F2 and F3 are in the same category and have the same classification as any less serious forms a separate category. In Italy there is a contest then the F1-F2-F3, the context of F4, the context of F5 is the context of F6. Each team participating in the contest of his series of belonging.

NB: Each team can enter into classification only with a single driver.

The incomes of the contestEdit

Each week the top teams are rewarded with cash income. In the context of F1-F2-F3 are rewarded only the top 5 while in the other series the incomes are is give to the first ten in the classification.

The following table shows the cash prizes for all the placings of the contest:

Contest F1-F2-F3 Contest F4 or lower
First place: 30.000 € 30.000 €
Second place: 24.000 € 27.000 €
Third place: 18.000 € 24.000 €
Fourth place: 12.000 € 21.000 €
Fifth place: 6.000 € 18.000 €
Sixth place: - 15.000 €
Seventh place: - 12.000 €
Eighth place: - 9.000 €
Nineth place: - 6.000 €
Tenth place: - 3.000 €

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